Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine with Prof David Wilkinson

Skin Cancer Medicine

In the short video below, Professor Wilkinson speaks about the Skin Cancer Medicine course which has been purpose-built to help busy general practitioners acquire the fundamental skills they need to manage skin cancer with confidence and feel safe in their practice. Please take the opportunity to learn more about Australia’s leading professionally accredited skin cancer education program. Continue reading “Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine with Prof David Wilkinson”

Communicating Skin Biopsy Results: Is There Room for Improvement? [Survey]

skin biopsies


We believe that effective communication between GPs and pathologists is important for better patient outcomes. Dr Jasmin Korbl, Resident Medical Officer, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Western Australia, has put together a quick survey which aims to assess the attitudes of pathologists, dermatologists, surgeons and general practitioners as to what circumstances warrant telephone contact in addition to a standard written report for a skin biopsy.


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[Review] Skin Cancer Conference and Masterclasses 2016

skin cancer conference

The first Masterclass of the 2016 Skin Cancer Conference and Masterclasses focused on diagnostics through dermoscopy. Three leading clinicians and researchers presented on three fundamental approaches to dermoscopy.

Giuseppi Argenziano from Italy led off with his perspectives using the Elephant Method. In essence, Geppi urges us to look at a lesion and almost in a “blink” simply use our instinct to decide if a lesion is benign or suspicious. Why Elephant? Well – you look at an elephant and it is obvious what it is. Do the same with a suspicious (likely malignant) lesion. This is a neat concept, but as Geppi says it does mean we need to look at plenty of lesions while we get used to this idea. After all you don’t know it is an elephant until you have seen one, been told that’s what it is, and seen animals that aren’t elephants!

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Campaign Against Government Pathology Fee Cuts


The government has announced further fee cuts for healthcare services, and on this occasion with regards to pathology bulk billing, effective 1 July 2016. Over the last few years, the primary health care industry has suffered by a decrease in real payments due to frozen consult rebates, and for pathology this amounts to over 40 percent since 2000. Now, the government is introducing harmful pathology fee cuts. Continue reading “Campaign Against Government Pathology Fee Cuts”

Dr Sharad Paul on Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery Workshop

Skin Cancer Surgery

If you enjoy your work in skin cancer surgery and are keen to broaden your skill-set, please watch this short video interview with Dr Sharad P. Paul on the benefits of honing your surgery techniques in anatomically complex areas. Working and lecturing in Surgery and Skin Cancer at University of Auckland and University of Queensland, Dr Sharad teaches the Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery Workshops and is highly valued for his expertise and collegial advice long after course completion. Continue reading “Dr Sharad Paul on Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery Workshop”