Accuracy of Pathology Diagnosis of Melanoma

dysplastic nevi

Our paper this month comes from Elmore et al, published in the BMJ. The authors set out to determine the accuracy and reproducibility of pathology diagnosis of melanocytic skin lesions. The study was done across the USA and included 240 skin biopsies, and almost 200 pathologists viewed the slides twice, eight months apart.

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Mohz Micrographic Surgery vs. Wide Local Excision for Melanoma In Situ

Micrographic Surgery

A recent research article from Nosrati et al, reports on the outcomes of patients with melanoma in situ, treated by either wide local excision or Mohs micrographic surgery (MMS).

Now, most Australian doctors would not consider this surgery for melanoma in situ – we would follow our national guidelines and excise melanomas with 5mm clinical margins. Many GPs do exactly this – measure out 5mm margins and excise and close, usually with an elipse, or with a flap or graft if necessary.

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Recommended reading: A Practical Guide to Skin Cancer in Primary Care by Professor David Wilkinson and Paul Elmslie

Skin Cancer in Primary Care Book“Well, here it is. After teaching my foundations of skin cancer course with HealthCert for 10 years, and with almost 3000 alumni, Paul and I have finally written the book! Many, many doctors ask me “which is the best book for me?”. Well, if you are a mainstream GP, this is it – in my view.

We wrote this because, as far as we could see, there is no such book on the market. And, most patients with skin cancer are treated by GPs. And, it is not easy. The book is simple and straightforward. All evidence based, clear and basic one to keep on your desk.

I hope you like it.”


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The Big 3: BCC, SCC, Melanoma – SCC Neck Excision

If you preform skin cancer surgery in your practice, please watch the 5-minute video below. The experienced skin cancer doctor Hamilton Ayres presents an interesting case of a SCC on his patient’s neck – a highly sensitive anatomical area often referred to as “tiger country”. Dr Ayres explains how you can perform excisions in these areas and addresses various factors you need to consider when removing skin cancer on the neck. Continue reading “The Big 3: BCC, SCC, Melanoma – SCC Neck Excision”

Campaign Against Government Pathology Fee Cuts


The government has announced further fee cuts for healthcare services, and on this occasion with regards to pathology bulk billing, effective 1 July 2016. Over the last few years, the primary health care industry has suffered by a decrease in real payments due to frozen consult rebates, and for pathology this amounts to over 40 percent since 2000. Now, the government is introducing harmful pathology fee cuts. Continue reading “Campaign Against Government Pathology Fee Cuts”